Katja Kapustina

I have a combination of over 10 years of sales experience in technology, eCommerce and industrial companies with a portfolio of skills that I use to coach individuals to high-performance. 

Working in various positions (from customer support, sales in SMB, Enterprise,  new business development, account management and manager) and in different verticals in male-dominated environments, I have first hand experienced the challenge of staying motivated in changing environments with high pressure while supporting and mentoring other team members and colleagues.

My coaching clients are positively impacted by my interventions and benefit from the skills that I have. These skills include understanding the core drivers of an organisation and teams, active listening, powerful questioning and being able to notice cognitive trends that are limiting my clients’ ability to achieve goals.



With my Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching  from Animas Center for Coaching (which is recognized by both the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching),

I now coach individuals in high-performance environments to unlock their potential while also speaking at events and hosting retreats.