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The Workplace Revolution is here

It is happening right now.

Never in history have we seen such big changes at the workplaces as we see today.


It's easier than ever to start your own company and work from anywhere in the world - but still, we are looking for more purpose in our lives.

As an employer;

Why should they work for you?

What are you offering?

Sales Onboarding Blueprint

Are you a sales manager, CRO, or business owner who has new salespeople joining your team?

Do you have long ramp-up times, no onboarding program, and no dedicated resource?

Do you want to improve your ramp-up times, get faster sales results, and grow your business?

You know that your time is valuable but your customers need to hear from your salespeople ASAP.

A clear, consistent, and repeatable sales onboarding plan is key to get your salespeople ramped up quickly and connect to your customers faster.

A sales onboarding program will ease up your time, provide the needed support to your new team members, and help you attract new salespeople.

But . . .

A Sales Onboarding Program.

That takes time.

And skills and knowledge that you and your team are not sure you have. You not only have to work out what it should be in the onboarding program but also you have to produce and deliver it — whether you do it yourself, delegate to HR or completely outsource it.

Would you like a clear, actionable and repeatable Sales Onboarding Blueprint?

If your answer to this is "yes", sign up to the waitlist for the Sales Onboarding Blueprint and you'll be the first to know once it launches!




I’m a sales amplifier with over 15 years of sales experience with a passion to help new sales people get the best training and coaching for maximum results for themselves, the company, and their customers. There is not much that I don’t know about sales, onboarding, and coaching people to results.

I offer:

→ A Sales Onboarding Blueprint: sign up to the waitlist to be the first one to know when it launches. Plan your sales onboarding program or double-check so you haven't left anything out from your current program and make sure you improve your salespeople's ramp-up time and get them faster to goal attainment!

I can do it because I know the answers to the questions you don’t even think to ask. I am the support and the knowledge you need to enjoy creating and delivering your sales onboarding program that will grow your business!



Katja Kapustina

+44 7471 99 25 97

London | Stockholm | Dubai



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“Katja is a fantastic coach, who listen carefully and helps one come up with his or her own light bulb moments that lead to lasting change. I highly recommend her! The experience gave me lifelong nuggets of wisdom that I can use in all aspects of my life.” 

—  Sandi Dhillon, Chartered Surveyor at Cabinet Office


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Attract, engage, and retain your talent