Make Your Purpose exists to promote happiness at work by inspiring employers to create bigger engagement at workplaces, and employees to take responsibility and make their purpose at work and in their own personal life. 

Only 13% of workers feel engaged by their jobs

(Gallup, 2018)


71% of employees are looking for new jobs

(The Washington Post, 2017)


49% of the people who are considering leaving their current role say it's because of poor management (it's the most popular reason for a potential move).


How can you engage your employees at the workplace?


How can you motivate your team as a leader?



Why should your employees work for your dreams and not for their own?

How can you wake up in the morning and be excited to go to work?


Can there be an alignment between the company's mission, vision, purpose and your employees' own personal purpose and goals? Or is there, instead, a discrepancy?


Align your employees purpose with your company's.


Salary increases are not enough


Further research shows that most employers continue to struggle with retention because they rely solely on salary increases and bonuses to prevent turnover.


Clearly, money itself is not the only answer to hold onto your core talent. A good employee retention strategy includes intangibles such as flexibility, relationships, growth potential, and overall corporate culture.

Create and communicate your company purpose

Moving People

Losing talent is expensive


Companies invest a lot of money and time to find, attract, train and keep talent via multiple resources (HR, recruiters, managers, training etc.) The challenge remains to create a motivating environment to retain talent.


Attract, engage and retain your talent.


Challenge to attract millennials


The millennial generation sees employment opportunities as stepping stones to their ultimate professional goals, a mindset that has left businesses scrambling to figure out how to secure talent in the long run while cutting down on training and new hire expenses, which only continue to rise (Gallup research)


Offer technology to attract new generations and measure employee happiness to prove meaning and purpose of their work.




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“Katja is a fantastic coach, who listen carefully and helps one come up with his or her own light bulb moments that lead to lasting change. I highly recommend her! The experience gave me lifelong nuggets of wisdom that I can use in all aspects of my life.” 

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