The Workplace Revolution is here

It is happening right now.

Never in history have we seen such big changes at the workplaces as we see today.


It's easier than ever to start your own company and work from anywhere in the world - but still, we are looking for more purpose in our lives.

As en employer; why should they work for you? What are you offering?

As an employee; how do you want to work? Have you found your purpose?




Today Millennials and Gen Z generation is a third of the workforce (and growing…)

  • 90% will spend less than 3 years with one employer

  • The ‘gig economy’ and freelancers are thriving


These new generations demand more from their workplaces;

more flexibility, development opportunities, and meaning/purpose.

And as it takes the average employee about 8 months to reach full productivity, it means it’s expensive to lose talent...

Companies must adapt and change their traditional processes, so that talent, is attracted and retained.


The main drivers of work transformation are technological innovation, automation, and adaptation of technology. 

We are using mobile phones constantly, AI and robots are doing more of our tasks, data are driving our decisions, and we collaborate better via IT solutions. 

Technology has given us access to digital marketplaces for easy trade; now anyone can start their own company.

Worldwide only 13% of employees are engaged at work and a disengaged employee costs their organization 34 percent of their salary (Gallup).

Companies should take advantage of technology to engage and retain their employees.


We work for the most part of our waking hours during our adult life - more and more asks themselves “Why do we do what we do”?


As we are going from materialism to existentialism - people want more out of work than money. 

Employees want more meaning and more purpose.

Meaning is the new money!


That’s were happynomics comes in. It’s about the economics of happiness, and it’s the link between wealth and happiness. 


Employees want to be able to see how their contribution makes a difference.

Companies who have a purpose and acknowledge employees' work are much more likely to retain talent.

I am an employer


I like to attract, retain and engage talent

I like to increase my talents productivity


I like to better understand and take advantage of which technology is best for our workplace


I like to develop, share and spread our company purpose

I like to work on my business empathy


I am an employee

My purpose:

I like to find my purpose

I like to have more meaning at work

I like to feel more fulfilled in my life


I like to become a better leader

I like to create more awareness about myself

I like to growth and develop myself



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